Abdomen – Abdominoplasty

Abdominoplasty is an operative procedure intended to remove superfluous, loose skin from the abdominal regions.

After a diet or other form of significant weight loss, sometimes the skin of the abdomen will not find its way to its former shape. The same situation can happen after pregnancy, when the skin does not shrink enough. A pregnancy can also lead to a separation of the abdominal muscle, which may be corrected in this treatment.

The presence of the above defects is a good indicator for abdominoplasty. During surgery, a highly skilled surgeon will remove with precision the unwanted skin and fat from the mid and lower regions of the abdomen. It should condense the muscles and significantly improve the condition of the skin. The surgery can take between 1 and 5 hours. The duration depends on the dimensions of the abdominoplasty. This treatment should not be considered by women planning a pregnancy in the near future.