On the agreed date, we invite you to our reception – access from Osikowa Street. The procedure of hospital admission is fast and convenient. Upon your arrival, our reception staff will check, if all necessary documents are available, including: patient card and contract for medical services, etc. Then our receptionist will accompany you to the appropriate ward.

A nurse will show you the room. In the patient room you get a small closet for personal items, that can be closed. Outerwear is stored in our deposit. Please take only the most necessary items.

Necessary are:

– medical documentation,
– pajamas and slippers
– toiletry.

At your request, an accompanying person may stay on the premises of the clinic, they can be accommodated in a special hotel room. This wish must first be expressed to the caregiver of the patient.

During your stay in the clinic, you must not take any medication or use procedures without first consulting the chief physician.

From now on, your safety and comfort will be in the hands of an experienced team of nurses and doctors.