Modeling, augmentation and reduction of the calves

Modeling of the calves is intended for people, who expect to improve the outer shape or to achieve a balance between the upper and lower parts of the legs. This procedure is also very helpful for patients, whose calves have a different size. Asymmetric calves can have various causes – birth defects or damage after illness and accidents.

Modeling or expanding the calf muscle through physical exercises is extremely difficult and often highly dependent on individual dispositions of each human. Even painstaking, regular exercises can not guarantee the desired results, especially if you are additionally burdened with birth defects.

When enlarging calves, you can use two solutions: implants or transplantation of your own adipose tissue.

–    Calf implants are inserted through a 3 cm long incision. This incision is made under the knee. Different shapes and sizes of implants allow a natural effect, that each patient expects. The procedure takes about 40 minutes and recovery time is usually 7 to 10 days.

–   Modeling of the calves with the help of adipose tissue (lipotransfer) requires the removal of superfluous fatty tissue (usually from the following parts of the body: thighs, abdomen, side parts, areas above the knee) through a tiny incision and subsequent placement of this adipose tissue in the calves (after special preparation of adipose tissue). This method precisely corrects the calf’s shape. Sometimes several such interventions are necessary to compensate for large differences between the calves. Another method for modeling the calves is liposuction.