Facelifting – facial rejuvenation

With age, our body undergoes different aging processes, which also affect the skin of the face. It loses its flexibility and perfect tension. The effect of gravity also changes facial features over time. In the lower part of the face gravity folds, while other wrinkles deepen. Facelifting is a procedure in which you can remove the superfluous skin from the face. You can improve the skin tension and reduce the wrinkles in the lower part of the face. With a lift you can easily fight the wrinkles of the neck. First the superfluous skin is removed and later the face is remodeled to achieve a young and fresh appearance. The scars are unrecognizable because the cuts are made along the hairline and behind the ears, which masks them optimally. After about 10 days the face looks normal again and bears no traces of the surgery.

Course of the procedure
During a lifting procedure, the skin is pulled in the upper-rear direction and its abundance removed. Typical cuts are made in invisible places on the forehead, in the ear or in its vicinity. In some cases, the fascia of the facial muscles is also treated.


Postoperative course
The bandages are necessary for a period of up to 2 weeks, during which time the sutures are removed. During this time period one should limit physical activity (the patient should avoid fast movements and high effort). Swelling may occur after the procedure. The face looks normal again after about 10 days. Complete healing takes about 1 month. The final result of the procedure becomes visible after 3 months.


Potential complications
Rare complications include a bruise, that sometimes requires another procedure. Another potential complication is an infection, that needs to be tackled with antibiotics. Infections are most often caused by failure to follow medical instructions, e.g. unauthorized removal of bandages or touching of wounds.



The procedure is usually performed under local anesthesia, sometimes under general anesthesia.


Necessary conditions for the procedure
Necessary conditions for this procedure are a good, general health condition and correct values ​​of basic laboratory tests. Important contraindications to the procedure are: anemia, vascular defects, uncontrolled hypertension, long-standing diabetes, purulent infection of the face or sinuses, smoking for many years.


Necessary examinations:
– Examination of bleeding time and blood clotting time,
– Morphology, protein amount,
– ECG and electrolytes – under general anesthesia
– Nasal swab
– Two weeks before surgery you should stop taking painkillers, that contain acetylsalicylic acid or medications with aspirin,
– One month before the surgery you should reduce the maximum number of smoked cigarettes.


Duration of hospital stay / Absence
he absence usually takes 14 days.