Mesotherapy is a method, that has been used in medicine for years and remains very popular. In this process, pharmaceutical preparations are injected at sites, which one wishes to treat or care for.

This procedure allows:

  • Improvement of skin condition and its regeneration,
  • Removal of wrinkles,
  • Removal of cellulite,
  • Removal of stretch marks,
  • Treatment of hair loss and alopecia.

Mesotherapy may be used on the following parts of the body:

  • face,
  • neck,
  • decollete,
  • head skin,
  • hands,
  • buttocks,
  • thighs and hips.

The doctor selects a group of active substances individually for each patient. Cocktails – solutions prepared for injection – improve microcirculation, nourish, moisturize, increase metabolism in cells. This procedure improves the flexibility, moisture and density of the skin. At the same time hair is nourished. The results of this treatment can be recognized very quickly.

  • Skin rejuvenation – the cocktails are designed to stimulate cell metabolism, revitalize, stimulate the synthesis of collagen and elastin.
    Substances used: hyaluronic acid, organic silica, polyribonucleotides, multivitamin complexes.
  • Treatment of stretch marks and scars – the cocktails should improve the microcirculation or regenerate elastic fibers and collagen fibers. They have an antioxidant effect.
    Substances used: Centella asiatica extract, organic silica, sodium pyruvate, vitamin complexes, polydeoxyribonucleotides.
  • Removal of cellulite – the cocktails should improve microcirculation and reduce fatty tissue.
    Substances used: caffeine, L-carnitine, organic silica, extract of artichoke leaves, extract of Melilotus officinalis.
  • Treatment of hair loss and various types of alopecia – the cocktails should improve the condition of the scalp, reduce severe hair loss or nourish the hair.
    Substances used: Dexpanthenol, Minoxidil, trace elements, organic silica, multivitamin complexes.

Before the procedure

In a mesotherapy of the scalp, you should wash the head the day before, it is not allowed to use conditioners or hair rinses. You should have with you a clean, well-made cloth made of cotton, which is placed on the head after the procedure.

Course of the procedure

With the technique of micro-punctures, the doctor introduces appropriate substances at the chosen location. The punctures are made manually (special needle and syringe) or mechanically (special gun for mesotherapy).

After the procedure

After the procedure, if necessary, the doctor performs a massage so that the injected substances are distributed equally. They work for up to one month after the end of the procedure.

Potential complications

  • possibility of bruising,
  • small, red lumps for up to 2 weeks after the procedure – depending on the substances used,
  • bacterial or viral infection – that’s why you have to exactly follow the doctor’s instructions.


Because of the high number of injections, the patient is locally anesthetized with a cream before treatment. For this reason, the patient should be present in the clinic already 40 minutes before the procedure.


Contraindications for mesotherapy are:

  • undiagnosed, common diseases,
  • allergy to a component of the substance,
  • low pain threshold,
  • active herpes or bacterial skin disorder – first, these disorders need to be treated.


None necessary.

Duration of hospital stay / Absence

No absence necessary.