27. December 2017

On November 22, the tube stomach was used with me. The operation was performed by the wonderful Dr med Grzegorz Kowalski. Everything went according to plan and after 2 days I was able to leave the clinic again. After a month, my weight has already dropped by 16 kilograms. It sinks further. I am very grateful to the doctor. I’m starting a new life now. 🙂

08. December 2017

I highly recommend this clinic and Mr. dr Mazan, who has removed from me a high number of lipomas from both arms. Other doctors did not want to do this procedure. It was not a problem for this doctor. High level of all services.

15. November 2017

Dr Kowalski is a fabulous doctor, who likes to answer all questions. My mother and I were both patients of Dr Kowalski (bariatric surgery in both cases). I felt very comfortable and was happy with the choice of this doctor. He answers every call and often visits his patients in the clinic. He explained everything to me and answered thousands of my questions. He gives many useful advices for life after surgery. If you are looking for a good surgeon then it is certainly a great choice. Dr Kowalski is a doctor you can fully trust. To make this operation, I flew in especially from the USA. The reason was the excellent reputation of this clinic. If I had to vote again, I would undoubtedly choose Dr Kowalski again.

06. November 2017

The result of breast augmentation is fabulous. Doctor gives a lot of advice and provides all information for treatment. I did not expect such a great result. 2 months after surgery, the breasts look beautiful. They look very natural. Clear recommendation from me.

03. July 2017

An organ that often worries people. In the past you just had to put up with the stupid comments and sayings. With Mazan you do not have to tolerate it anymore. Simple rhinoplasty is enough to close everyone’s mouth.

11. April 2017

I visited the clinic because three years ago a so-called specialist botched a nose job on me. Already after the consultation, I knew that this time I was in good hands. I was not wrong! My new nose is ideal. It fits my face perfectly. The doctor knew exactly what to expect. I highly recommend Dr. Mazan and thank you for the wonderful care.

17. March 2017

I am very satisfied with my stay at the Mazan Surgical Clinic. For me the tube stomach was realized on 01.03.2017. Without hesitation I can recommend this clinic to every patient. Very nice staff and Doctor Kowalski is a delightful surgeon. Never before have I met such a caring doctor. You can see immediately that he has already had many experiences. 5 days after surgery, I feel pretty good.

23. August 2016

On 4 August 2016, a nose operation was performed on me. My nose was big, too long, crooked and bumpy – a true tragedy. After the procedure she is small, straight and not hunchbacked, finally she fits my face. I am very happy with the end effect. A huge improvement compared to before. I have trusted the doctor and I do not regret it. The Herr Doktor knows exactly the perfect proportions of the face and makes an ideal nose. I have planned this operation for a very long time. I am glad that I have found such a fine specialist for it. I would like to thank Mr Mazan and all the staff for a great cooperation.

07. March 2016

In January 2016, I did a rhinoplasty at the Clinic from Dr Mazan. The whole operation was realized perfectly. I wanted a nicer nose and I got that result. Dr. Mazan is a personable person and has a good eye. The clinic Mazan receives without a doubt my recommendation.

01. August 2015

IIn May my calf implants were used. I have to admit, Dr. Mazan is a true pro. Now I can wear clothes again. Many pants have since disappeared in the closet.

13. July 2015

Eleven days ago, I made an excellent decision. Thanks to that I have a nice nose now. I’m still in the healing phase, but everything looks pretty good. Thank you for the professional and benevolent care of Dr. Mazan and all his staff. In this clinic one gets courage and is always sure that everything will go well.

23. June 2014

I recommend with a clear conscience! I am very satisfied with the procedure of Dr Zbigniew Mazan. I had problems with protruding ears for many years. Luckily I found this doctor. Great changes have come in my life. Finally I feel nice and have gained a lot of confidence. Thanks again! 🙂

25. May 2014

Three weeks ago, I had an operation at the Mazan Surgical Clinic using calf implants. I was born with a deformation of one leg. The doctor has explained with genua what you can do with me to get the best result. The stay in the clinic was very nice. The whole staff is very nice. The result was immediately visible, although it got much better after 2 weeks. My calves now look different. All patients should know Dr Mazan and his first-class clinic.

22. April 2014

Dr Mazan is a world champion for me! If someone is looking for the right clinic then he should make an appointment with Dr Mazan as soon as possible. Thanks to this clinic, I now have beautiful ears. I am already planning another operation with the same doctor!

04. January 2014

Hello! In December, I opted for calf implants because my legs were too thin. Wonderful result! When I first stood by the mirror, I could not believe it. Now I can probably even promote stockings. 😉

28. October 2013

On 10.10.2013 Doctor Mazan removed a scar and a lipoma from my forehead. His service was very professional and the procedure was painless. The results surprised me very positively. No trace of the scar. Doctor Mazan has earned my personal recommendation.

20. August 2013

Greetings to all readers. About 3 weeks ago I had a nose job done at the clinic. My nose was a bit crooked and had a hump. After the surgery, my nose looks great. She is straight, symmetrical and in my opinion perfect. The result is difficult to put into words. I am very grateful for this achievement and would like to recommend the hospital to all patients. They have really achieved a lot with me.

14. August 2013

I have corrected my eyelids. The procedure was carried out in a friendly and pleasant atmosphere. The first results could be noticed already after one week – after the seams were removed. Everything was in line with my personal expectations. I’m really satisfied and I can say that both the clinic and the staff are positive.

17. June 2013

For 2 weeks I had an ear correction done. The operation was taken over by doctor Zbigniew Mazan. The procedure is certainly not the pleasant side of life, but in my case it was almost completely painless. The local anesthetic has performed its task as expected. The team and the clinic have guaranteed a high level of all services. The doctors and staff engage the patient so well that I did not notice when the procedure was over. Choosing this clinic was the right decision for me. I’m 100% sure. No complications after the operation, everything heals as promised, my ears are now symmetrical. A dream came true for me. Thank you for the doctors and the professional team.

16. May 2013

Last week, at the Mazan Clinic, six lipomas of varying sizes were surgically removed from my forearm (they were affecting my freedom of movement more and more). As promised, Doctor Mazan has got the Lipomas out of the way with just a few, precise little cuts. Even in cases where the lipoma has already reached a considerable size. The procedure was a painless affair. The surgical incisions were tiny and no scars left me from the surgery. Do not let your lipomas grow!

10. February 2013

… Everything heals very well and there are no traces of the sutures on the face, although only 2 weeks have passed since the operation. …

16. December 2012

I would highly recommend Dr. Zbigniew Mazan. I have just returned to the UK after undergoing breast enlargement surgery and I am so delighted with the results. His work was outstanding. The size and shape of the implant was specifically selected based on careful examination by the doctor. The whole procedure went very smoothly  and the clinic has a very high standard of care with lovely personnel I feel attractive again, I have more confidence and the shape is really natural.Thank you! Caroline, London

02. Dezember 2012

In 2012, I did a breast correction in the clinic. The breasts had to be raised pretty much. The hospital has offered me wonderful conditions for this treatment and met all of them word for word. It is a brand new building with really adequate furnishings. Before surgery, the doctor described the whole procedure in detail and I was also allowed to ask my own questions. The end result did not disappoint me. It is incredible to me what you can achieve with plastic surgery today. There were no traces left of the surgery on my body. Many thanks!

06. October 2012

It’s been a year since my skin cancer was operated on in this Krinik. I really appreciate the professional methods of Doctor Mazan. There is no trace left after the skin cancer.

02. October 2012

Plastic surgery from Poland has already become something of a trademark for German consumers of medical services. It is synonymous with the best standards and qualified surgeons. How the world can change in twenty years.

15. September 2012

Hello. Doctor Mazan has done an abdominoplasty for me. My stomach was pretty big. I’m very satisfied. Today it is almost 3 weeks after surgery.

10. August 2012

At the beginning of June, a tumor near my eye was removed. The operation was carried out by dr Zbigniew Mazan – a wonderful doctor.