Pelleve – Radiage is one of non-surgical techniques of skin rejuvenation.

Simultaneous heating and cooling of the skin results in the shrinking and tensioning of collagen fibers, which results in the reduction of deeper wrinkles and helps to tighten smaller wrinkles.

This treatment is recommended for flabby skin of the face. This method may be used for the skin of the abdomen or legs.

Pelleve – Radiage is ideal for:

  • Facial skin, including chin, neck and neckline,
  • Abdomen skin after pregnancy,
  • Skin in the back of the upper arms,
  • Skin on the inside of the thighs.

Course of the procedure

This system uses the energy of radio waves, which heat soft tissue under the skin. Cool-gel technology uses a gel to cool the outer layer of the skin, while RF warms the deeper layers of the skin in a controlled manner. This stimulates collagen to produce new threads. The procedure is short and means no blood loss.

After the procedure

After the procedure, the patient will not have any visible signs of bruising or cuts. A small, local reddening of the skin usually remains visible for one hour, but not longer than 24 hours. Full effect of the treatment will occur in the period between 2 weeks and several months and will be maintained for 12 to 36 months.

Potential complications

Strong skin redness, that can remain visible for up to a week.


This treatment does not require any anesthetic.


Contraindications for Pelleve are:

  • Cancer,
  • Autoimmune diseases and thyroid diseases,
  • Implants of metal,
  • Pacemaker.


None necessary.

Duration of hospital stay / Absence

No absence necessary. After the procedure, the patient can immediately leave the clinic and return to their daily activities.